Our Founders

Our mission is to support innovative start-up teams in realizing and implementing their vision with Smart Money and we experience very closely the challenges faced by start-ups. Every company and every idea is unique and yet there are many parallels. Through our experience as an investor and partner of startups we bundle these issues and are also available at any time with our strong network.

Some of our founders are introduced here:


Maximilan Odendahl, Johannes Emigholz
(Silexica GmbH)

Headquartered in Germany with offices in the U.S. and Japan, Silexica serves innovative companies in the automotive, robotics, wireless communications, aerospace and financial industries and has already received $28 million from international investors.

Silexica was acquired by Xilinx Inc. in June 2021.


Sven Weber, Daniel Kirch, SteffenKirchhoff und Sven Peper
(taxy.io GmbH)

Taxy.io is a startup that uses artificially intelligent software to provide the basis for automated B2B tax consulting. The goal is to create a central information hub for digital tax intelligence, which can be used by employees in finance and tax departments for recommendations for action, but can also be integrated by third-party applications (e.g. CRM or accounting software). Taxy.io was founded by four former RWTH students.


Daniel Grünes, Jens Bayer, David Frank, Konrad Herzog (Aquila Biolabs)

aquila biolabs is a German technology start-up focusing on the development of innovative technologies for the control and analysis of bioprocesses in bioreactors and incubation shakers. In 2021, aquila biolabs was acquired by Scientific Bioprocessing Inc (SBI), a US-based developer of optical sensors for non-invasive, real-time monitoring of cell culture systems. 

Restore the heart. Protect the brain

Karl von Mangoldt, Conrad Rasmus, Oliver Schumacher (Protembis GmbH)

Protembis offers a simple, fast and reliable solution to reduce the risk of cerebrovascular events during transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR).


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The TechVision Fund and the S-UBG Group bring together medium-sized companies and start-ups. The targeted exchange of entrepreneurial experience and innovative concepts means win-win. This is where start-ups meet their first industrial customers and medium-sized companies meet the innovators of tomorrow.