TechVision Fund - leave the development phase and take your company and business plan to the next level.

We are the ideal investment partner for innovative start-ups, contributing capital, expertise and experience around “being an entrepreneur”. We have a strong and competent network of national and international investors, business angels and industry experts.

TechVision Fonds at a glance

TechVision Fonds I uses capital, know-how and networks to invest in innovative start-ups in our region – Aachen, Krefeld, Moenchengladbach, Rhine Area.


You can find our team at the Aachener Markt. For us, direct personal contact forms the basis of trustful cooperation.


Started in the region - conquered the world. This is the story of many of our start-ups. With our network of international investors and partners, we can achieve this together.


With the S-UBG Group, we also invest in medium-sized companies from across the Rhineland. This connection brings our start-ups their first customers and partners.


For us every company launch is unique. That's why we don't cast our net wide, but rather make targeted investments in the best people. We build on 30 years' experience in venture capital.


We treat founders as our equals and support the management where needed. Maximum freedom is just as important to us as transparency, commitment and clarity.


At TechVision Fonds you will meet a team with decades of experience, start-up entrepreneurs and co-founders, business economists and engineers from various sectors – and first and foremost people.

"Company launch, growth and ultimately successful exit – for our idea TechVision Fonds was the perfect partner."

- Marius Rosenberg, Adhesys Medical GmbH -


We invest in people, ideas and solutions, not in products.
It is your enthusiasm, your ideas and your vision that lead to our joint success.

How we invest

Transparency is important and helps us make decisions quickly and comprehensibly. That’s why we want you to know what we do and how we work.

1. Initial contact
There are many ways to contact us. Meet us at events, call us or use our contact form. As a first step we have a look at your pitch deck to determine whether an investment is suitable for us. In most cases the pitch deck already raises questions, which we can clarify direct with you.
2. Evaluation
If we are happy after examining the initial documents, we proceed by presenting a new project internally within the team and obtain assessments, experience or industry know-how. Often, additional research is required. All results, open questions, etc. will then be communicated to you.
3. Meeting(s) in person
After reviewing the documents and internal discussions, we arrange a personal meeting with you where we clarify any questions and get to know each other. The most important thing is that we develop a common understanding and we are clear about the direction we want to take.
4. Term Sheet
If everything is right on a personal level and regarding the subject matter, our common understanding is summarized in the term sheet. This is signed by all investors and founders. The term sheet typically covers: evaluation, investment amount, use of funds and rules for cooperation.
5. DD & board decision
After signing the term sheet, we start the due diligence (DD) process. Depending on the case, the DD will cover market, technology, legal, financial and other issues. The DD auditors are independent experts in their field. The final decision is then made at our board meeting.
6. Contracts and notary
Following a positive decision by the board, the investment contracts are drawn up. For this we select an experienced law firm from our network which is familiar with the world of start-ups. We then take the final contracts to the notary who notarises them. Welcome to our portfolio!

Ou're launching your startup in the most beautiful technology region in the world? Or you are looking for capital? Speak to us!

As part of the S-UBG Group we are located in the heart of Aachen. We would like to invite you to present to us your idea.